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Yasna Sanat Farsan Company was built upon a decade of experience in 2013, In November we became a first class company to introduce a wide range of parallel product solutions to our customers which empowers us through the exchange and provision of information related to revising international standards. We are also offering constant technical support in order to enhance customer relations.

We are working to expand business in emerging countries by offering both convenience and environmental benefits; for example, in Armenia, we are boosting manufacturing bases and bringing to market low-cost, energy-efficient inverter products. Energy field including LNG/Oil/Gas is an important core segment of our business, and I will continue to allocate appropriate resources to this segment from our Tehran headquarters and Armenia Sister Company. Onshore/Offshore, Piping, Instrumentation, Petrochemical, Automation, Mining, Cement, Steel, Automation and safety are other areas that we focus on, and development of new technology will remain a priority for our company.

Yasna Sanat Farsan Company will continue to adapt to tough challenges, to win customers trust, and to create a company which is prosperous into the future - a company of which our employees can be proud.

We appreciate your continued understanding and support.

Very truely yours, Farshid Kazemi


We envision a day where clients have well experienced or perceived our reputation.


• To develop a content that educates and inspires employees

• To salute and empower new opportunities

• Constant improvement of infrastructures


Yasna Sanat Farsan provides superior customer service and quality products to a national and international market. We stock over $6 million in inventory from the best manufacturers in the field and update our inventory on a daily basis by tracking all of it using state-of-the-art Product Management Software. We maintain a minimum inventory on each product to ensure immediate availability. Best of all, our response time for a product quote is phenomenal — either same hour for common catalog items, or same day for more complex requests.


Valves, Hoses, Fittings, Pumps, Accumulators, Motors, Cylinders, Hybrid Power, ...


Valves, Hoses, Fittings, Pumps, Accumulators, Motors, Cylinders, Hybrid Power, ...


PH Meters, Process Control Systems,Level Transmitter, ESD Systems, Panels, DCs, ...

Industrial Automation

Industrial Computers, Machine Safety, Motion Control, Programmable Controllers, Simulation, ...


Valves & Tanks, Heat Exchangers, Heaters & Boilers, Compressors, Blowers, Filters, ...

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